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Only 8, 1991, an employee of the small dining Lin tie factory group, the predecessor of "showing beauty tie factory" in front of the town of Shi Huang Bai Zhu village was established, and then follow the shengzhou build the prestige of the "China tie city", the company has expanded rapidly, in December 1993, changed its name to "shaoxing Jin Tianlai brought tai weaving co., LTD.", began to build ties to a new land.

Since 1993, the company continuously awarded "contracts and keep promise unit", shengzhou key backbone enterprise and four top ten enterprises, credit grade AAA enterprise, "dual culture units," the title, its products won the "consumer trustworthy product" title, tie products by the national inspection center detection in the garment weight list for classy article, shengzhou center for several years, the continuous for grade a quality. User committee quality tracking station in zhejiang province in 2002 spot check showed that more than 98.8% customer satisfaction. And in the same year won the national garment industry profit total 81.

In shengzhou, 2002 for the construction of the "six garden", Lin necktie &dress co., LTD. Was set up, the company land 238 mu, create ladult tie Lin industrial city, and to the construction of the shenzhen speed, strive to quickly build set of silk yarn, fabric weaving, printing, neckties, clothing production into an organic whole, with advanced computerized network management, comprehensive application of information tools such as INTERNET, implements the domain name registration, the product on the INTERNET, form a scientific, informationization, inside and outside of the comprehensive production system of modern enterprise.

On March 25, 2005, in order to meet the needs of company development, officially registered ladult Lin group co., LTD. Now, with a total investment of 2 billion yuan, the total cover an area of 266 mu, the introduction of 144 units of the world's leading weaving machine, producing high quality ties more than 1600 ten thousand, more than 5 million shirts, scarves and other products accessories.

In addition to do the business, Lin group also diversification of development. Group in hunan hengyang investment in February 2006, 80 million, the establishment of hengyang real estate co., LTD., Lin, and successively developed ladult dining rain forest garden, peirce Lin Xincheng, ling xianghas been goats project, in the next few years, with the several successful projects, hengyang ladult Lin Yiyue hengyang real estate become important leading enterprises

1991.12 Shi Huang Bai Zhu factory

1992.10 sheng county in zhejiang Jin Tianda tie factory in yiwu sales outlet

1994.12 in shaoxing Jin Tianda brought tai weaving co., LTD

1997.3 shaoxing Jin Tianlai tie weaving co., LTD

1997.3 shaoxing Jin Tianlai tie weaving co., LTD

1999.03 zhejiang days to tie printing knitting co., LTD. (day of days of change)

1999.5 zhejiang Jin Tianlai necktie &dress co., LTD. (change)

2002.7 zhejiang ladult Lin necktie &dress co., LTD

2003.7 zhejiang ladult Lin textile co., LTD

2003.12 dining shirt Lin co., LTD. Shaoxing

2005.03 zhejiang ladult Lin real estate co., LTD. (days to change a property)

2006.2 hengyang Lin real estate co., LTD

2007.1 dining Lin import and export co., LTD. Shaoxing

2013.11 shengzhou Lin real estate co., LTD

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