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Now, everyone is talking about innovation, as an enterprise, a lot of content innovation, technological innovation, management innovation, management innovation and so on. Although these innovations are important, but I think, renew the idea, solve the thought, the enterprise culture construction as the enterprise development slightly in the first place.

The key to the development of enterprises in the people, and decided to people of all behavior is thinking patterns and ideas. Therefore, the enterprise culture construction is the key to the transition of the enterprise management ideas and modes of thinking. Concept remains unchanged, it is a good organization is difficult to play a role.

After a series of unremitting efforts, the group every employee have fully understanding the modern enterprise management system. In culture and modern enterprise management mode of operation to manage enterprise approval ratings reached 100%. Thus completely broke the original planned economy management mode of thinking and consciousness, all staff of the goal of crisis consciousness, competition consciousness, consciousness, team consciousness. Cultural reconstruction project implementation, and import the enterprise image recognition system.

Enterprise culture innovation, must be based on the original management culture, draw management essence, building a unique personality of the modern enterprise culture and enterprise image recognition system. In July 1997, the group hired the Chinese culture, management experts and well-known designers together with enterprise common corporate culture system, refining and import CIS corporate image recognition system. This tie is the first enterprise in China at that time, in shengzhou business is also the first. After experts and group all cadres and workers of joint participation, brewing, a set of modern competitive recognition significance of enterprise culture system to form.

This is a great system engineering, accurately, it is updating concept, system reform of enterprises, strategic integration, such as the most important support. For this group is equipped with a special organizational strength, and then from a strategic height in 2000 set up the enterprise culture, formulate detailed implementation plan and system, make the whole import process, standardized process, the development process in an orderly way, step-by-step. After three years of operation, the group rapidly improving external image and internal goal convergence, so as to improve the reputation of the enterprise and the market competition strength.

Form their own management style, casting dining forest management culture of personality is distinct.

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